Intellectual Property: Deeds of Donation

There are 2 deeds of donation, each of which has different options for how you want to handle your intellectual property rights. First, and foremost, we have the utmost respect for artists’ intellectual property in their creative works, and all our donor agreements and policies reflect this.

We have two options for artists who donate materials to the Time Capsule project:

  • You retain any of your intellectual property rights and give us a nonexclusive right to make non commercial use of your donated work to fulfill our mission. [link to that deed]
  • You transfer your intellectual property rights to Arthyve and we license you the rights to make nonexclusive use of your donated work as you see fit. [link to that deed]

Either way, our goal is to ensure that you can continue to make use of and profit from your artwork without requiring permission from us; the main difference between the two is that for the first deed of donation, we would need your permission and potentially pay fees to use your donated intellectual property in fundraising or any other non-educational or explicitly mission-driven uses.

For legal guidance, we recommend that you reach out to the Colorado Attorneys for the Arts, who provide referrals to lawyers who provide pro bono legal services to artists: