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time capsuleLeave your mark. Join Arthyve’s crowd-sourced memory bank, aimed at documenting and preserving the living creative spirit of our city and state. 

Five easy steps to joining the archive:

  1. Sign up
  2. Get a box
  3. Fill the box
  4. Return the box
  5. Be archived!
Step 1: Sign Up!

As a member, you’ll have access to all our workshops and events for a year, plus the option of contributing an art capsule to the archives. First, we need some basic info from you plus a $25 fee via Paypal.


Step 2: Get a Box

You will get a welcome packet by email with instructions and box pickup locations.


Step 3: Fill up the box

Fair warning, there’s some very important paperwork in the box related to how history will view you, potentially forever. (it’s less ominous than it sounds – but only a little)

Don’t worry though! You have backup:

  • There are time capsule workshops (sign up now!)
  • There’s helpful info on our FAQ page
  • Contact us – as archivists, we get mega dorky about this stuff – we love to help!

Compiling a Capsule


Katie Taft

Step 4: Return the Box

Once you’re packed and ready, let us know and we’ll make the arrangements.

Step 5: Be Archived!

From here on, you are part of our city’s history. The public will research, exhibitions will happen, classes will be taught, and you will be an influence on how we think about Denver and the arts. Forever. Thank you for being a part of Arthyve!