About Us


To transcend and challenge mainstream art representation and to celebrate, preserve and document the creative communities and practices throughout Colorado in our living archive.


Arthyve is a not-for-profit organization. We manifest our mission through public programming, workshops, archival exhibitions and interdisciplinary talks, all of which inspire critical inquiry, scholarship and creative engagement


To co-create an internationally significant arts archives that serves and amplifies the voices of Colorado’s creative community, is a hub for critical and creative inquiry, and preserves Colorado’s arts legacy for future generations. 

Core Values

We acknowledge that there is no perfect way to achieve equity in the arts and archives, but we are willing to take risks because there is much work to do

We are committed to understanding the radically expansive and intersectional collective memory of our community through its creative manifestations

We recognize arts and culture as an outlet of expression which sparks conversation, spurs social change and makes our community stronger

We believe your creative legacy is important and part of a larger narrative

We empower people to evaluate sources, ask questions, and come to their own conclusions which in turn encourages critical and creative inquiry

We believe that direct in-person dialogue between artists, students, and the community generates empathy, fosters critical engagement, and builds community

The archive

The archive is a physical and digital collection created by you and serves as a crowd-sourced memory bank in which artists and art collectives can donate images, art, words, and their recorded voice to serve as a living snapshot of their experience at that point in time

Using the provided Arthyve box, artists deposit items of their choosing. The arrangement and selection are up to the donor. The contents of the box will be cataloged, digitized and available for research online and in person. We will accept 200 boxes within the first year and then 100 boxes for each continuing year


Materials from our archive inform programming aimed at recharging, organizing and inspiring individual and collaborative research, scholarship and creative activity

We provide a platform to share, test, and critique work and ideas through facilitated and interdisciplinary discussions

We offer workshops teaching individuals and art collectives how to be citizen archivists/artists and how to preserve, capture and document their own archives and community narratives

We offer educational programs where students and our youth are inspired to creatively work in a research center