Call for Artist Proposals: 2019 ARCHIVES AS MUSE PROGRAM


ArtHyve invites proposals from artists who would like to participate in our third annual Archives as Muse program. Archives As Muse is a program that seeks to attract, inspire, and serve regional creative types by guiding participants to explore archival collections.

This year’s program will focus on the genres of Music and Performance. Artists working with sound, audio, music, dance, movement or other forms of performance art may submit proposals. Artworks that incorporate poetry, moving image or other artistic disciplines or elements are welcome, but musical/performance art should predominate the project’s proposal.

Archives as Muse aims to attract, inspire, and serve regional music and performance creatives and guide them as they explore archival collections and create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be shown as a part of Archives As Muse’s culminating event on November 23rd, 2019. The works chosen for the public program will be awarded a $500 honorarium for their time and contribution. There is no jury fee.

Artists, creatives or groups submitting work for consideration will utilize the 2019 Archives as Muse Directory to help review and select a participating archive partner to work with. As an effort to demystify through use, artists should plan to visit an archive in person in order to execute research for inspiration and informing the artist’s final deliverable.

Proposals will be vetted by a jury of archivists, art curators, and artists. The jury will select three artists to present work at the public program on November 23rd at the McNichols Civic Center Building in Denver, Colorado. Artists should also be prepared to participate in the public program where the artwork will be shown and the artist will be included in a public discussion about their work.

All original artworks will be returned and are the property of the artist, and artists are strongly encouraged to donate the artwork and any related process documentation to the ArtHyve Archive. ArtHyve requests that artists allow portions of the artworks submitted to be used for promotional purposes, both for the 2019 program and to promote ArtHyve’s mission in the future.


The Archives as Muse program aims to provide an engaging platform for archivists and artists to work together to promote and contribute to a larger dialogue about the relationship between archives and the creative process. Thus, three selected artists will show their artwork during the Archives as Muse public program. The program will take place on November 23rd at the McNichols Civic Center Building in Denver, Colorado. The program will run roughly 120 minutes and consist of a conversation with the artist and the program’s emcee; the two will discuss the artwork, the artist’s creative process, and take questions from the audience about the work.


All applicants must reside in Colorado. Emerging, mid-career, and established artists are encouraged to apply. Proposals that utilize elements of music and/or performance are strongly encouraged. Artworks that incorporate poetry, moving image or other artistic disciplines or elements are welcome, but musical/performance art should predominate. Final works must meet the following criteria:

Project must be a unique work developed specifically for Archives As Muse 2019.

Maximum performance run time of 15 minutes.

Ability to provide musical equipment if more than the house PA system is needed.

Ability to provide equipment if more than general house lighting plot is needed.

Ability to utilize a marble floor or an approximately 12’ x 10’ x 1’ stage for performance, or provide their own alternative floor surface. Alternative flooring is subject to approval.


Proposals from artists must include the following information:

  • A written Letter of Intent (LOI) which includes the following information:
  • A description and link to the archive the artist has chosen to work with (See Directory)
  • A description of the expected design approach
  • A brief artist statement describing the proposed artwork
  • A sketch of the technical requirements and any additional equipment you might need to display the work

2-3 links or files of past works/projects; including:

  • Title
  • Medium(s)
  • Dimensions/run-time
  • Date produced
  • Any other brief information that feels necessary to understanding of the work
  • Visual example of proposed piece by one or more of the following format:
    • Drawings/sketches/schematics
    • Photographs
    • Film highlights
    • Audio recording
    • Written snapshot


  • September 6th, 2019: Proposals due by midnight
  • September 20th: 3 artists will be selected and notified. Project should begin in earnest.
  • October 18th: Artists should send an email with a project update including a clip, highlight reel, or some other representative sample of the project thus far as a demonstration of progress, and list any assistance they will need for the public performance such as audio visual set-up, sound, lighting, etc. This clip will be used to promote the upcoming event, with the artist’s permission.
  • November 23rd: Archives as Muse Public Program.


Proposals should be submitted on or before August 23rd electronically before midnight, or can be dropped off in person upon contacting ArtHyve to coordinate arrangements.

Please direct questions and materials to


Jessie de la Cruz

Creative Director, ArtHyve


Amy Belotti

Program Chair, ArtHyve